About Me

                                               My name is Çağrı,

I’ve been working on production for 7 years. I am always working for better. My dreams are only thing that gives me strength. To know me better, you can check the links below.

I was born in Ankara, in 13th of July/Ankara. I was have been interested in video cameras since my childhood. After completing my highschool education, I started to Plato Vocational School, Radio TV Programming. In the last grade of my college, I started to work in a media company.

I’ve got the chance of using my theoretical knowledge to practice. Right now I am shooting a documentary in another agency. Also I work as a freelancer.

My goal is put my signature to some good works that I can make my name known.


My Experiences

I am actively working in the sector for 5 years. I am using Canon 5D Mark III. Not just DSLR, I am also thinking of becoming familiar with other video cameras.

I used DJI Phantom Pro for sky shootings. In the shooting tour with drone, I shot from sky for almost 50 hours and shot 90 minutes documentary.

I used Edius program for editing for a long time. Now I am working with Adobe Premiere. I can use both programs fast and good.I am also intermediate user of Adobe After Effects.

In the 11th Kar Film Festival, I became Finalist with my “Sonsuza Dek” short movie in 2015.

I am almost actively on duty upstate in all projects.
With the help of these projects, I get the opportunity of seeing 50 cities in Turkey.
(Cities marked in red)